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Monday, November 8, 2010

Springtime in the Mountains around Ceres

Although Springtime is just about over, and we’re more into summer now, I would still love to share the beauty of Springtime in our surroundings with you. These photographs will give you a glimpse of the scenery we have the privilege of enjoying each time we go for a walk in the mountains.

Early Spring is the most spectacular, because then there are still numerous little streams of water syphering from the mountain (after our winter rains), and giving the little flowers ample opportunity to flourish on the damp mountainside. Then it’s often difficult to walk, because we have to tread so carefully not to trample them under our feet!

When we walk up the mountain early morning, all the flowers are open, with most of their faces turned towards the sun. When the sun goes down, and darkness approach, their fragile petals fold away neatly, to cover their crowns … just to open again the next day at sunrise. Some of these flowers are minute – yet they are perfect! Another way that we can witness God’s glory and perfect design in His creation!

Sometimes we see (and often hear) the baboons; the closest they came so far, was about 15 metres from us. We enjoy seeing them, but do not encourage them to come any closer.

Even in winter time, with most of the flowers at rest, we can still enjoy the beauty of the fascinating rock formations. We never get tired of these lovely mountains, and try to walk there at least once a week.

Beautiful little flowers, growing very close to the ground

Some of the larger shrubs on the mountain slopes

Interesting rock formation

Insect catcher plant - note the sticky droplets

Small cave in a rock overhang

Delicate floral beauty

Tiny flowers growing in a bit of soil in the rocks

Insect catcher plants

Small bell-like flowers

"Deep Thinker" rock

What's going on out there?

Let me  investigate!

Very high rock pillars

Mountain greenery

Tiny pink flowers winding their thin stem around a stick

The baby baboon gets a ride on its mother's back

Flowers growing in rock crevices

Floral splendour

Lovely rock formations

Overlooking a part of the agricultural area of Ceres

Hundreds of little flowers on the moist mountain slopes

We have to tread so carefully not to trample the little flowers!